Dymico filter


Model A

Aquarium content: 200 - 700 liters

Size: 79 x 45 x 48cm

Models A fits :

30 small fish (such as damselfish, small Grammatidae, cardinal fish or Cirrhitidae) +

 20 medium-sized fish (such as Centropyge argi, Grammatidae, anthias) + 

10 large fish such as (surgeon, Siganidae,.. .).

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Dymico Filter

The DyMiCo filter is very low profile and easy to maintain. When you go on vacation, you feel much more relaxed.
The filter guarantees very stable aquarium water. 
And since there's virtually no maintenance, it's easy for people to care for your aquarium.

The "dynamic" part of DyMiCo makes this filter truly excellent. 
The filter responds effectively to nitrate changes. Every hour, the computer chooses from different programs to maintain nitrate stability.

It keeps nitrates low and KH/Ca/Mg very stable. 
The biological, computer-controlled DyMiCo filter replaces the decanter, skimmer, and calcium reactor.
It is a very powerful and dynamic nitrate reducer and a very stable calcium reactor. All in one filter!

  • Easy reefing
  • Biological filter
  • Computer controlled by IKS
  • No skimmer (so no more cleaning of the skimmer)
  • No water change
  • Plankton economy
  • Energy saving