AMS Bacti Pro Extra

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AMS Bacti Pro Extra

The highest existing concentration of live bacterial strains currently available.

-Startup cycle

-Defines and maintains a healthy bio-filter

-Probiotic effective against cyano bacteria when used in combination with Enzy-Pro extra

Contains Nitrosomas eurpaea, Nitrobacter, Paracoccus denitrificans and Pseudosomas stuzeri

Convert ammonia to nitrites, nitrites to nitrates, and nitrates to harmless nitrogen.

Available in 237 ml, 474 ml


Starter and cyano problems dose 5 ml per 100 ml per day for the first week and continue until the cyan disappears.

1x per week: starting dose: 5 ml per 100lts per day

Fast Start Aquarium Systems

Provides reduced ammonia and nitrite peaks.

Restores a bacterial population after the use of anti-cyano treatments or other treatments.

Works as a probiotic against light or emerging cyano infestations.

1x per week: Maintenance dose 5 ml per 100lts per week.