Ams Enzy Pro Extra

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Ams Enzy Pro Extra

They are live bacteria, so they act much more quickly and are therefore very, very effective.

These heterotrophic “mud-eating” bacteria degrade organic matter through mineralization.

Each strain has a unique food source (by preference).

Some species break down carbohydrates, others feed on proteins.

AMS Enzy-Pro contains billions of these “aquarium cleaner” bacteria.

It is therefore a fight at the source (dissolves the accumulated and decomposing organic waste so that it is removable by the skimmer again.)

Works probiotically against emerging or weakly present cyano.

Works naturally against emerging or already present dinoflagellates.

  • For (re)starting aquarium systems:


    The first week: Every day, the starting dose (5 ml per day / per 40L gross).

    The following weeks: 1x per week, the starting dose until the end of the bottle.

  • Throughout the year (two to three times per year):

    (To correct/avoid bacterial mono-culture that occurs over time.)


    1x per week: a maintenance dose until the end of the bottle (5 ml per day / per 100L gross).