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AB Series


AB Automated Reef systems

Why do we want a reef tank in our office, reception area, waiting room, meeting room, etc...

Enhanced Productivity and Creativity

Terrapin Bright Green is a company specializing in biophilic design. They found that adding natural elements to an office space can improve work quality.

By adding plants, more lighting, natural colors and textiles employee well-being and creativity increased by 15%, and overall productivity increased by 6%, on average.

You may be thinking ‘Why not put a few plants around the office instead of buying a whole fish tank?’

Well, we believe in the positive effects of a nature-focused decor all around the office.

The methodical movements of the fish, the deep blue of the habitat, and the sound of moving water are what make an office fish tank so relaxing, yet stimulating.

Decrease Stress in the Workplace

According to Stress in Europe, 27% of adults are often so stressed they can’t function. To make matters worse, 83% of EU workers recorded work as a prominent source of stress in their lives.

This puts employees and their companies at a disadvantage because poor focus, low productivity, and increased absenteeism are all signs of a stressed workforce.

A fish tank can help... A research team at Exeter University found that exposure to a fish tank can lead to noticeable reductions in blood pressure and heart rate, reducing stress and putting your employees in better moods.

Improve Quality of Work

Are aquariums good for business? Again, consider the fact that fish tanks can lower stress levels.

In a general sense, the less stressed someone is the better they feel, which can translate into more productivity and higher quality of work.

Save Money on Health Costs

EU businesses spend millions of euros every year on lost productivity due to stress-related illnesses.

While there is no evidence directly linking fish tank observation and reduced anxiety-related sickness, we do understand its healing effects elsewhere.

The idea is that reduced sickness and absenteeism will be a secondary effect of lowered blood pressure, decreased stress, and higher job satisfaction.

Office Aquariums Strengthen Pain Thresholds

A study by Pain Research & Management sought to discover the effects that fish tanks have on patients’ pain thresholds.

They tested the pain tolerance of each patient after 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40 minutes of being exposed to a fish tank.

They found that those who watched the fish tank had a higher pain threshold than those with zero fish tank exposure.