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Elements managment

Aquabelgium / Ams Balling configurator.

Here at Aquabelgium, we can provide you with service/follow-up of the Reef aquarium.

Ams has developed a program to calculate the need for supplements in the Reef Aquarium.

How does it work?

Recommended is to do the first months of an ICP test monthly to follow up correctly.

We recommend the ICP test of ATI that you can find in our webshop here.

Create an account at Aquabelgium, there you will find the webform where you can upload the result of the ICP in PDF.

We will analyze true AMS program and roll out a schedule that is personal to the needs of you're Reef Aquarium.

 A schedule is based on 30 days of adding or correcting the values of the Reef Aquarium.

Make sure to send a new ICP after 30 days so that we can roll out a new schedule.(As long as necessary)

Once the parameters are stable we can try a ICP every 2 Months or 3 Months based on the needs.

Of course, the schedule is only based on the top quality products of AMS, so in the schedule, you will find what you need to purchase of liquid elements or eventually powders for balling.

All the products you need are available at Aquabelgium webshop or store.