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AB Series 400



Main Tank

  • Lenght : 100 cm
  • Width : 55 cm
  • Height : 55 cm
  • Volume (Bruto) : 300 L
  • Thickness glass : 12 mm


  • Dymico Model A Acryl

AB Series 400 automated reef 

The Ab series Automated reef has several advantages... You want to offer yourself or your customers peace of mind by acquiring a small piece of the ocean but you have never been able to do this due to the lack of knowledge or the fear that it is too much maintenance.
This is where we come forward with the Ab series to demonstrate that it is possible to successfully own a piece of the ocean with minimal maintenance and support.

The installation is completely taken care of by us together with the start-up. Afterwards, you can opt for a maintenance contract or we will explain the system to you so you can do this yourself.

The Ab series is a system where water changes are unnecessary, no skimmer needs to be cleaned daily, this system is fully automatic, and only small actions are needed to keep it running optimally.


  • Easy reefing
  • Biological filter
  • Computer controlled by IKS
  • No skimmer (so no more skimmer cleaning)
  • No water changes
  • 1 single addition of trace elements via a dosing pump
  • Plankton saving
  • Energy saving
  • Automatic addition of evaporated water

For self-employed people, managers, and CEOs with little time, this is the ideal solution to offer something unique. For enthusiasts who have always wanted to have a piece of the ocean for themselves, but didn't dare due to lack of knowledge or out of fear of too much maintenance.

Children can watch their favorite fish for hours, because “Finding Nemo” has become such a well-known cartoon, they will love it and you will have calm children in the waiting room.

We have strong partners at our side, Aquaja known for the construction of robust and unique aquariums, and Dymico known for its self-rotating biological filters first used in large zoos and later produced in smaller sizes.

We work with top brands such as AMS, Aquamedic, ATI, ... to guarantee long-term effectiveness.

An investment is a small one if you can put a smile on the faces of those around you.