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Berghia Nudibranch
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The Berghia Nudibranch

The Berghia Nudibranch is the sole slug species that feeds exclusively on Aiptasia, commonly known as the glass anemone. This type of anemone can become troublesome in marine aquariums.

Practical Guide

We suggest placing 4 Berghia nudibranches in a 50-liter aquarium, and for each additional 50 liters, adding two more Berghia. A single Berghia nudibranch lacks the strength to effectively take on an Aiptasia on its own, so it's advisable to purchase them in groups. This allows them to collaborate, procreate, and form an even bigger army.

Successful Introduction

To ensure a smooth transition, start by acclimating the Berghia nudibranch to the new water environment. Next, feed your fish generously for about half an hour before turning off the lights. Once the lights are off, deactivate the flow pumps. Use a sufficiently large feeding pipette to carefully extract the acclimated Berghia nudibranch and place it strategically on a piece of live rock, away from the fish. Monitor to ensure secure attachment or check if it has nestled among the rocks. Once confirmed, restart the flow pumps.

Let the Magic Unfold

Be patient; results will become visible within a few weeks, and Aiptasias will gradually disappear. The Berghia nudibranch is a nocturnal predator, so if you want to witness its activity, observe it when the lights are off. If you notice spirals on the aquarium glass, refrain from removing them, as they are Berghia eggs.